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Elizabethton woman with massive Winnie the Pooh collection seeks world record title

(WCYB Photo)
(WCYB Photo)
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ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WCYB) — "The collection grows every day," said Donna Fee. Her home is much like a Winnie the Pooh museum.

"I have a variety," she said. From miniature statues, clocks, fine dishware, pictures—you name it, she’s got it.

“What attracts you to Pooh so much and all these items?,” News 5 asked Donna. “They’re just so adorable. I think they're just so cute.”

Donna tells us she started this avid collection when one of her sons was six months old. He’s 31 now. The collecting just never stopped.

“When people do come over, they're just in amazement,” said husband Keith. He’s grown to appreciate Donna’s collection. He even keeps an eye out for items to add, when he’s out and about.

“I'll try to remember if we have it, if not then I’ll call her and say 'hey, do you have such and such' and if she says 'no,' then of course, I’ll buy it,” said Keith.

Donna’s family recently got to thinking, could she break a Guinness World Record for this? “I’m hoping to break it. That’s one of my goals,” she said.

A spokesperson told News 5 the current title holder has upwards of 14,000 items in their collection. Donna says she’s counted more than 16,000 in hers so far.

Now, it’s a waiting game until world record officials pay her a visit. That’s expected some time soon.

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